Fluor Terminal Services

Instructions for accessing the Enterprise Remote Access Citrix Portal

NOTE: If you experience any difficulty then please contact the Enterprise Help Desk

To access the portal, navigate to this website address http://nfuse.fdnet.com.

  1. On this page you should select an Americas or EMEA access point, whichever region is closest to the office where your application is hosted. Whilst you can access your Citrix application using any of the access points, you will experience the best performance if you select the region closest to your project or home office.

  2. choose location

  3. You will be prompted to login, using your Network Login ID, network password, and SecurID Passcode (Keyfob tokens use PIN + Token Code and Software tokens with intergrated PIN, only use code). You should use your Network Login ID and password (what you use to login to the network each day--example: "jon12345") when prompted with the "Citrix Access Gateway" login window.

    NOTE: To use the portal, your Remote Access User ID must be the same as your Network Login ID (what you use to login to the network each day). If your Remote Access User ID does not match your Network Login ID then please contact the Enterprise Help Desk.
  4. logon screen

    Once you are authenticated, you will be presented with your usual Citrix application selection page.
For support issues, contact the Enterprise Help Desk: 1.303.354.2265 OR 1-866-236-9917